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How to Know if Your Home Needs a Water Softener June 27, 2019

Concord, Concord, NC
How to Know if Your Home Needs a Water Softener, Concord, North Carolina

It’s natural to take water for granted. When you turn on the faucet or start the washing machine, it’s probably rare that you examine the liquid itself. But the balance of minerals can affect your daily life in more ways than one. If your home has hard water, consider a water softener to lengthen the life of your appliances, clothes, and other items in your house that come in contact with water. These terms can be a little confusing, however. Here’s a closer look at hard water and what it means to soften it.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water can be both beneficial as well as difficult to work with. Hard water is packed with different minerals that are picked up on its way from the clouds to our faucet. Some minerals that are picked up are calcium and magnesium, which can prove to be a healthy addition to our daily diet.

However, these and other absorbed minerals can also leave a chalky residue on our pipes, dishes, clothing, sinks, and bathtubs. The effect it has on common household appliances like your water heater can cause issues and use more energy.

If your skin is dry and itchy or your clothes feel dull and scratchy, these are two prevalent signs that your home has a hard water issue.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

water softenerThe installation will remove minerals from your water before it makes its way through your pipes to your sink, dishwasher, water heater, and other household appliances.

Generally, there are three parts to an effective softener system: the mineral tank, brine tank, and control valve. Minerals are removed from the water in the mineral tank through the use of plastic beads, making your hard water become soft.

The brine tank stores water that’s saturated with sodium or potassium—depending on your local area—which is used to clean the plastic in the mineral tank after your water has been turned soft.

The control valve determines when the water softener will convert hard to soft water and when it’s time for the mineral tank to be cleaned. This process is called regeneration.

What Are the Benefits of Soft Water?

After the installation of a water softener, you’ll notice the difference. Soap will more easily react with the soft water, leaving you with cleaner dishes, silverware, and glassware. Cleaning the mirrors, tile, and faucets will result in a brighter and easier shine. Your skin and hair will benefit from softer water in the long run, and you should notice that less is more with soft water. Therefore, saving money on toiletries, dishwashing detergent, and cleaning supplies is another plus. 

Your clothes will last longer without the adverse effects of hard water on different types of fabrics, and you’ll feel fresher and cleaner in general. Most importantly, your appliances will have a longer life expectancy and use less energy, saving you money on monthly utility bills.


To get started solving your hard water problem, turn to All American Plumbing. Since 1983, our experts have been the first choice for Cabarrus County and the surrounding area for all their plumbing needs. From minor leaks to major repairs, we know what to do and will get it done fast. Call us today for a free water softener estimate at (704) 788-8690 or visit us online for a new customer discount.

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