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3 Ways Restaurants Can Save Money on Commercial Refrigeration July 10, 2019

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3 Ways Restaurants Can Save Money on Commercial Refrigeration, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Commercial refrigeration can be a significant expense for restaurants. Keeping your food at a safe temperature requires a lot of energy, but fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your energy usage and cut the associated costs. Here are a few ways to save on your refrigeration needs.

How to Cut Commercial Refrigeration Costs

1. Maintain Your System

commercial refrigerationThe evaporator and condenser coils get dirty over time, impacting the airflow and bringing down efficiency. Seals on the doors deteriorate, allowing your conditioned air to escape. Clean and inspect the refrigerators and freezers once a month. The coils are usually underneath or behind the unit, but you can ask your heating and cooling technician if you’re unsure.

2. Install Automatic Door Closers

An automatic door closer is affordable and will do wonders for your energy usage. Even diligent employees may forget to completely close the door, letting out all that conditioned air. Install them on the door hinges, so it won’t ever be left ajar again.

3. Insulate the Suction Line

The suction line moves the refrigerant from the evaporator to the unit. As the refrigerant moves along this line, it can absorb heat and lose its “cool,” making your system less efficient. Insulation also prevents condensation from forming on the line, which could drip onto the floor and cause a slip hazard. Wrap the lines with a flexible, closed-cell elastomeric insulation.


A professional commercial refrigeration company can help you with the maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of your machines to keep your kitchen as efficient as possible. The investment of professional work will pay off in the long-term as your machines run efficiently and have longer life spans. Ron Hammes Refrigeration offers full-service care for restaurants in the La Crosse, WI, area. Their licensed and experienced technicians are available for 24-hour emergency service, so your business will not be brought to a halt with a refrigeration problem. Visit them online or call (608) 788-3110 to schedule an appointment.

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