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3 Reasons to Purchase a Memorial From a Reputable Dealer June 28, 2019

Willimantic, Windham
3 Reasons to Purchase a Memorial From a Reputable Dealer, Willimantic, Connecticut

Placing a monument at the resting place of a deceased loved one is a long-term way to honor their memory. You can have words inscribed on the marker to let people know how they impacted your life for generations to come. When planning a memorial, you might think that going online to place an order is your best bet. However, there are specialists that provide better offerings. To help you create a grave marker that properly honors the person that passed, here are some reasons to turn to a monument dealer. 

Why You Should Buy a Memorial From a Specialist

1. Unique Options

monumentWhen you buy memorial stones from online sources, you have limited options. This is also true when buying from funeral homes, florists, cemeteries, and other businesses that provide this as an extra service. They often work with vendors who make clients choose from pre-fabricated shapes and styles. A monument dealer, on the other hand, will work with you to brainstorm designs and create a custom piece.

2. Product Knowledge

Online dealers and funerary service providers are often far removed from the manufacturing process. This means that representatives might not be able to answer specific questions about how to protect granite, bronze, and other monument materials from the elements. A trained technician will let you know what product is best for your needs and provides the durability you’re looking for. 

3. Be Part of the Process

When the monument dealer is local, you can be more involved in the process of creating the piece. You can look at materials and colors in person, which would otherwise appear distorted on a computer screen. You can also go over etching styles and what lettering looks best with the memorial design. Dealers are committed to providing the best service possible and encourage clients to be part of the work.


If you want to purchase a monument or grave marker to celebrate the life of a loved one, contact the professionals at Tri-County Memorials. Since 1973, these technicians have been working closely with clients east of the Connecticut River to create memorials that honor the memory of the departed. View some of their products online or call (860) 443-8744 for Waterford, CT, (860) 886-6200 for Norwich, and (860) 456-8658 for service in Willimantic.

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