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5 Driving Habits That Will Lead to Engine Repair July 10, 2019

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5 Driving Habits That Will Lead to Engine Repair, Burlington, Kentucky

You rely on your vehicle for daily travel, and taking care of it will prolong its life span. There are a few bad habits, however, that can wreak havoc on your engine. Below are a few you may not realize you’re doing that will lead to necessary engine repair.

Bad Habits That Damage Your Engine

1. Driving on Low Fuel

If you’re letting the fuel level drop too low, you’re putting unnecessary stress on the fuel pump. Forcing your car to retrieve gas from the bottom of your gas tank also allows sediment and other particles that settle to creep into your fuel line. From there, this debris can get into your engine, which can interfere with its function. Avoid letting your gas tank get lower than half-full.

2. Speeding

Consistent speeding adds extra heat and friction to your engine, making it work harder than it needs to. This additional pressure leads to premature wear and tear, and a need for costly engine repair. Besides saving your engine, you will also be a safer driver if you slow down.

3. Revving a Cold Engine

engine repairWhen you first turn on your car, the oil must circulate throughout to lubricate necessary parts. After about a minute, your vehicle is safe to rev, but anything before that will cause unnecessary friction in your engine. Over time, this constant grinding of parts will break down the components. Give your vehicle a couple of minutes to warm up before you take off.

4. Applying Gas Too Slowly or Too Quickly

While you may think accelerating slowly will conserve fuel and protect your engine, the opposite is true. Your fuel economy actually goes down as your engine struggles to get to the optimal speed. On the other hand, gunning the gas forces the engine to engage too quickly, which can cause parts to overwork to regulate the right speed. Your best option is to get to your driving speed quickly without dragging or slamming on the gas pedal.

5. Packing Too Much Weight

If you like to store items in your car, remember that the heavier your vehicle is, the harder it has to work. More fuel will be necessary to maintain speeds, and wear on mechanical parts will increase. Only fill your trunk with what you absolutely need so that your engine is not bearing the excess weight as it tries to run.


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