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What You Should Know About Car Rustproofing June 28, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
What You Should Know About Car Rustproofing, Brooklyn, New York

Dents and scratches can scrape away the shiny pain coating on your vehicle. When the metal underneath is exposed, contact with moisture and oxygen can cause rust to form, leaving your ride covered in unsightly brown spots. Exposure to the elements can also cause flaky residue to form on the vehicle undercarriage, increasing the risk of mechanical malfunctions. Luckily, mechanics can perform rustproofing to prevent these potential problems. Below are additional benefits rustproofing provides and available options.  

Advantages Associated With Car Rustproofing

mechanicRustproofing involves applying protective coatings to a vehicle’s undercarriage and chassis. Often made of phosphate- or wax-based compounds, the solutions protect the metal components from liquids and chemicals in the atmosphere and on the pavement. Although rustproofing is typically performed in the factory during vehicle assembly, mechanics can also provide the service later. Rustproofing slows corrosion caused by dirt, grime, and moisture the undercarriage and auto body are exposed to while you’re driving. Protecting these parts will extend the life expectancy and increase the value of your vehicle.

Different Techniques Technicians Use

Mechanics use different techniques based on what area of the car needs rustproofing. Undercoating is often performed to protect the undercarriage. Technicians spray a tar-based solution over the exposed metal. When it hardens, it creates a barrier between the components and contaminants on the ground. For all-over protection, mechanics will apply a dripless oil spray. They have to drill holes at various sections of the vehicle for precise application. The consistency of drip oil sprays is less viscous than dripless varieties, which is ideal if you need to rustproof cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas.


For rustproofing, auto repairs, or maintenance to improve your car’s aesthetic appeal, contact the certified mechanics at Puma's Auto Care. Based in Brooklyn, NY, their technicians have been solving area motorists’ concerns and providing thorough tuneups to pass New York State car inspections for over 17 years. To schedule a service appointment and learn more about the inspection process, call (718) 272-6306. Visit the team online for a list of solutions they provide.

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