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Do's & Don'ts of Using Chopsticks June 28, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts of Using Chopsticks, Bon Secour, Alabama

When dining out at a seafood restaurant, sashimi — the Japanese dish of thinly sliced raw fish served with soy sauce — is a delicious and satisfying option. To enjoy sashimi in a traditional and hands-free manner, you’ll want to brush up on your chopsticks skills. Follow the list of chopsticks do’s and don’ts below to ensure your experience is scrumptious and tidy.


Practice your grip.

SashimiChopsticks should be held in your dominant hand. Place one stick loosely between your thumb and pointer finger, using your ring finger for added balance. The second chopstick should be placed above the first in the valley between your pointer finger and thumb but balanced on your middle finger instead. The first chopstick should stay relatively stationary while the second one does the work of picking up sashimi and other foods. Practice at home to ensure you’re comfortable with the positioning.

Hold your chopsticks closer to the top.

As a beginner, it may be tempting to hold your chopsticks tight and down low in an effort to get closer to your food. This method actually reduces control over what you’re grasping and in some cultures is frowned upon. Instead, maintain a loose grip roughly two-thirds of the way up the sticks.


Stab your food.

Chopsticks shouldn’t be used as toys to practice your drumming skills or like a fork. Resist the urge to simply stab your food with a stick. Instead of impaling a piece of sushi or meat, practice grabbing the item between the two sticks. If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to ask your server for a fork and knife.

Leave your chopsticks flush on the table.

Unlike western utensils, chopsticks don’t curve upward thanks to their handle, allowing space between the table and the area used to consume food. For sanitary reasons and to be polite, use the chopstick rest provided by the restaurant. For dining experiences that don’t include a chopstick rest, keep the paper sleeve your chopsticks arrive in and fold it into a makeshift rest.


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