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A Guide to AC Tuneups June 28, 2019

West Haven, New Haven County
A Guide to AC Tuneups, West Haven, Connecticut

Air conditioning systems have a lot of moving parts and work hard during the summer months. Having your unit examined and fixed up by an HVAC contractor every year will keep it in good condition. Here’s why tuneups matter and what to expect. 

Why Are Tuneups Important?

HVAC ContractorRoutine annual maintenance lowers energy bills, reduces repair costs, and extends the system’s life span. When it’s working hard, clogged ducts, loose power connections, and dirty filters are common. A tuneup will prevent these issues from causing damage. 

What’s Involved in a Tuneup?

During a tuneup, an HVAC contractor will check the fluid levels. They will also examine the thermostat system by checking the cooling levels and verifying that it turns on and off.

A professional will check the electrical elements to verify the connections are secure, and the voltages are within the correct ranges throughout the system. For the air to flow properly, the system needs to be clean, so they’ll examine the filters, air ducts, and vents.

Next, they’ll clean the evaporator and condenser coils and then check the condensate drain for blockages or excess water. The coils will be cleaned with a light coil brush, and if it’s required, it’ll be sprayed down with a coil cleaner and rinsed off. If the coil fins are slightly bent, a fin comb will be used to straighten them out to allow for better air flow. Finally, they’ll inspect the fans, motors, capacitors, and compressor for wear and tear. If needed, they’ll lubricate them. 


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