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5 Different Types of Ice for Drinks June 27, 2019

Moanalua, Honolulu
5 Different Types of Ice for Drinks, Honolulu, Hawaii

Ice may seem like a fairly innocuous addition to a cocktail, soda, coffee, or glass of water, but there are many different types available to restaurant and bar owners who are interested in livening up their beverages with something unexpected. If you’re ready to transform the way you serve your drinks, look at these options.

5 Ice Types to Consider for Your Drinks

1. King Cubes

An alternative to the standard one-by-one inch cube, the two-by-two-inch king cube is favored because it melts slowly. Bartenders and restaurant owners may prefer this cube because of its appearance and ability to keep drinks cold for extended periods. Patrons can enjoy their drinks without worrying about watered down flavor as well.

2. Crushed

If you serve slushies or frozen cocktails, then it’s smart to crush your ice. Bartenders typically do this with an old-fashioned blender or food processor so they can quickly combine all of the ingredients. A crushed ice maker is also a wise choice if your primary business involves creating slushy beverages.

3. Spheres

The sphere is ideal for liquor because its reduced surface size means it’s exposed to less warm fluid, which helps it melt at a slower pace. It will merely chill the drink instead of diluting it.

Oahu, HI ice4. Half Cube

The half cube, sometimes referred to as a small cube, is what a self-serve dispenser usually produces. It’s a popular choice for most establishments because it comfortably fits into any size glass and is easy to stir and shake.

5. Crescent

Ideal for busy restaurants and bars, crescents are so smooth that liquid rarely splashes when poured over them. That’s beneficial whether you’re serving a soft drink or a cocktail and want to maintain a clean space. It also melts slowly and is shaped in a way that maximizes the storage space in your machine.


Are you ready to add some new ice varieties to your establishment? Turn to Pacific Ice Services in Honolulu, HI. Proudly serving local businesses since 1973, the locally owned business carries a wide range of quality ice makers from the industry’s leading brands. Visit them online to find out why their factory-trained technicians are the most trusted in the area, or give them a call at (808) 839-6839 to schedule an appointment.

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