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Hardwood Floors Vs. Wood Tile for Businesses July 10, 2019

New York, Bronx
Hardwood Floors Vs. Wood Tile for Businesses , New York, New York

If you run a business, your flooring will set the tone for your space. Providing high-end finishes, hardwood floors and wood tiles are popular options. They look similar, but are made of different materials and provide unique benefits. If you’re on the fence about which to choose, understanding their pros and cons can help you make a decision. To ensure you select the right flooring for your needs, here’s a comparison between these two materials. 

What’s the Difference Between Hardwood Floors & Wood Tile?

Wood Tile

Wood ceramic tile is a popular alternative to hardwood floors because it’s more affordable. Wood tile comes in a variety of colors and designs and provides a look that closely resembles hardwood. Since ceramic is less porous than wood, this material is more scratch- and moisture-resistant. It’s also easier to replace than hardwood planks since it comes in individual tiles.

However, this also means that this material provides less friction, making it easier to slip on. For this reason, it may not be suited for commercial spaces that receive many elderly customers or people with mobility issues. You can also prevent accidents by avoiding it in high-traffic areas like entryways or using rugs. 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood FloorsThe natural beauty of hardwood is hard to beat. While this option may carry a higher price tag than tile or other flooring options like vinyl and carpet, it looks luxurious and high-quality.

It can develop scratches in high-traffic areas or sustain water damage if exposed to moisture from inclement weather or cleaning. When this happens, you can re-sand and refinish your floors to restore their appearance. Avoid issues by using rugs in entryways and halls, and using another flooring in wet areas like bathrooms. To clean it, skip the water and use oils formulated for this type of surface. 


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