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A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Anxiety June 27, 2019

Columbus, Platte
A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Anxiety, Columbus, Nebraska

It may be surprising to learn that dogs and cats can experience the same kind of anxiety that humans do. Since pet anxiety contributes to destructive behaviors that could put the animal in harm’s way, it’s essential to identify the underlying cause so you can effectively treat it. Possible remedies include pet boarding during the daytime and medication at nighttime. Before treating your pet’s anxiety, though, it’s wise to learn more about the condition. Here’s some general information on the topic to help you get started. 

Common Causes of Pet Anxiety 

A variety of factors can cause excessive stress in pets. Separation anxiety is perhaps the most common form of pet stress, but leaving your furry friends behind isn’t the only thing that can make them anxious. Animals are also vulnerable to anxiety when their routine is disrupted or when they don't have a set routine at all. Both dogs and cats are creatures of habit. As such, they thrive when they have a fairly predictable schedule. 

Additionally, your own moods can affect your animals in major ways. Cats are especially susceptible to the stress and anxiety that their owners experience. In other words, it probably feels like your cats always choose to misbehave on the absolute worst days. In reality, they're merely reacting to the stress you already brought into the house. 

How to Relieve Pet Anxiety 

pet boardingThe most effective way to combat pet anxiety depends on its underlying cause. If your dog or cat only demonstrates destructive behaviors when you’re gone, for example, there are various training strategies you can employ. In the meantime, arranging for daily pet boarding to prevent them from causing any damage while you’re at work. A reputable pet boarding facility will be happy to continue the training you’ve been doing during every stay. 

To treat other kinds of anxiety, there are all kinds of natural remedies, from tight clothing that makes dogs feel as though they’re being hugged to scented sprays. For pets with severe anxiety, though, medication may be best. Mild sedatives can help your furry friends relax on a regular basis, while more powerful drugs can be used during high-stress situations like thunderstorms and fireworks shows. Talk to your veterinarian before administering any medication. 


If your furry friend suffers from anxiety, turn to Pet Care Specialists for help. Located in Columbus, NE, this full-service animal hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care for dogs, cats, and other small animals. For more than two decades, families throughout Platte County have been entrusting the care of their pets to these friendly providers. To explore all the services they offer, from lab testing and surgery to pet boarding and grooming, visit their website. To make an appointment for your best friend, call (402) 564-3565. 

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