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3 Diseases Birds Can Transmit to Humans July 8, 2019

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3 Diseases Birds Can Transmit to Humans, Wahiawa, Hawaii

While birds can be pleasant to watch, they can transmit several types of diseases. Bird control is necessary to prevent them from spreading these dangerous health conditions to humans. Here are a few more diseases that can be transmitted through contact with these winged creatures.

3 Diseases That Birds Can Pass to People

1. Salmonella

You can contract salmonella by directly handling an infected bird. Additionally, this disease can be transmitted to humans through contact with feeders and baths that are frequented by infected birds. Always thoroughly wash your hands after touching anything that may have been visited by these winged creatures, such as balcony railings and public picnic tables.

2. Avian Pox

bird controlSince this virus is carried by over 60 species, bird control experts do their best to manage the infected population. Diseased birds have lesions in the skin, which are more noticeable on the feet, legs, and other unfeathered areas. Avian pox can be passed to people through direct contact with diseased birds. Alternatively, mosquitoes may contract the virus when they feed on the blood of infected birds, then pass it on to the people they bite.

3. Avian Flu

The avian flu, which is also called the bird virus or H5N1, is transmitted via bird droppings. This virus lingers in birdhouses, nests, baths, and other areas where birds congregate. It’s highly contagious and deadly to humans. Common human symptoms of the H5N1 virus include high fevers, persistent coughing, breathing difficulties, and muscle soreness.


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