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Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Bad? July 16, 2019

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Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell Bad?, ,

Your vacuum cleaner is one of your most important tools for maintaining a clean, healthy home. But sometimes this essential appliance emits a foul odor when you turn it on and start vacuuming your carpets or upholstery. Use the following guide to learn what causes the nasty smell, how you can combat it, and when to schedule professional vacuum repair services.

What Is Making My Vacuum Smell & What Can I Do About It?


These appliances suck up a wide variety of particles, including pet hair and fur, coffee grounds and other food crumbs and byproducts, dust, and dried pet urine. Over time, the food particles and other organic contents of the vacuum bag can become moldy, creating unpleasant odors when you turn the appliance on. Pet hair can also cause odors when it gets tangled up in the piece’s interior workings, especially if it was wet or covered in dander when you sucked it up. Stuck beater brushes and roller heads also contribute to foul smells because of the resulting friction with the vacuum belt.


vacuumIf you believe the issue has to do with the bag or canister, simply change or empty it, respectively. Clean the filter with soapy water, rinse it thoroughly, and allow it to dry completely before putting it back in the appliance. Wipe the canister, if applicable, with soapy water or a combination of equal parts white vinegar and water to further deodorize it. If these tactics do not solve the problem, disassemble your vacuum as per your manufacturer’s instructions to inspect for blockages, such as those from human and pet hair. It is also a good idea to remove and clean the beater brush. Wipe down all other interior vacuum surfaces with your vinegar solution.

When Professional Help Is Best

Schedule professional vacuum repair services if odors persist. There may be a hardened deposit somewhere in the appliance that only an expert can remove. The beater brush may also need replacing to prevent a broken belt and more expensive repairs or replacements.


If you require vacuum repair services due to serious odors or any other reason, trust your appliance to the experts at Riehl Sew N Vac in Anchorage, AK. The company has provided the region with the highest-quality vacuums, sewing machines, and air purifiers for over 30 years while also offering a comprehensive inventory of related supplies and accessories. Call (907) 563-2909 today to make a service appointment or see what brands the company sells online. Get more appliance tips on Facebook.

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