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4 Tips for Preparing for a General Home Inspection July 3, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
4 Tips for Preparing for a General Home Inspection, Huntington, New York

If you’re putting a house on the market, a general home inspection will help you get the best price and prevent unpleasant surprises that could derail a sale. A thorough inspection includes every aspect of your home, including the basement, attic, and everything in between, so getting your house ready beforehand will help ensure that the report is as comprehensive as possible. Below are a few tips for preparing for a general home inspection.

How to Get Your House Ready for an Inspection

1. Clear Up Clutter

If you’re packing up to move, you might have boxes stacked up against walls and covering up power outlets. Inspectors generally avoid touching your personal belongings or moving furniture, so clearing up clutter will help them get the information they need.

2. Do a Quick Test Run

home inspectionBefore the inspection, test the systems they’ll check to allow you to make some last-minute repairs. Flush every toilet, check the faucets and drains for leaks, open and close the windows, and take a look at the HVAC ducts in the basement.

3. Make Rarely Used Areas Accessible

Your inspector will need to be able to maneuver in the basement and attic, which might be filled with old belongings and other items. Clear out and organize these spaces as much as possible, especially around water heaters, furnaces, and vents.

4. Find Repair & Maintenance Documentation

In addition to the building itself, a home inspection should include examining all the upgrades and improvements you’ve made to the property. Collect receipts for any repairs or renovation projects, from replacing the roof to fixing a leaky faucet, and leave them in a prominent place.


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