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3 Reasons to Install a Fence When You Have a Dog July 11, 2019

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3 Reasons to Install a Fence When You Have a Dog, Hamptonburgh, New York

Fences are popular additions for homes that have pets. Not only do they increase the privacy of your property, but also give you peace of mind while your pup is outdoors. If you have a dog, installing a fence will improve both your quality of life and that of your furry friend. To help you keep them secure, here are some reasons to place one around your house.

3 Benefits of Installing a Fence for Your Dog

1. Exercise

Large dog breeds like German shepherds and border collies require a lot of exercise to prevent restlessness, which may cause them to damage your belongings. Placing a fence around your backyard will make this area usable for them even when you aren’t around to supervise. They’ll have plenty of space to run and play, reducing pent-up energy and keeping them happy.

2. Safety

fenceMoving cars and joggers are intriguing to curious pups and could encourage them to leave the property. Setting up a fence will ensure that they stay put for their own safety and that of bystanders. The thin posts of a decorative or chain-link unit will provide an unobstructed view of the outside world while keeping them safe in your yard. If they tend to get overexcited or bark excessively, you may also install a thicker privacy fence to completely obstruct their view and keep them calm.

3. Training

House training can be inconvenient, since you have to stand outside and wait for them to finish their business. Fences provide the protection your pup needs to go looking for the right spot while you do something else. This could give them a stimulating sense of independence and increase your productivity when you’re at home. 


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