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4 Labeling Tips for Moving Boxes July 16, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
4 Labeling Tips for Moving Boxes, Ewa, Hawaii

When moving, you’ll need plenty of boxes to hold the contents of your household. To ensure you don’t lose track of your many belongings when they’re boxed up, use these labeling tips.

How to Label Moving Boxes Effectively

1. Code the Boxes

With so many piles of boxes around the house, you’ll need an organization system to make sense of them. A popular option is color coding according to where the box should go, like the kitchen or bedroom. If you do so, reserve red for writing instructional labels for the movers. Alternatively, you can use a number system. Just make sure to keep a master list of every box’s label and contents for reference.

2. Label as Soon as You’ve Packed a Box

movingOnce you’ve taped up a box, you don’t want to open it back up later to check its contents. While packing, keep notes on your master list of what’s going in the box. When it’s full, label it with its code.

3. Make the Label Noticeable & Secure

If you use a pen to label your boxes, get a thick one. Write in big, neat letters, and mark all sides for maximum visibility. If you use sticker labels, tape their edges so they don’t peel and fall off.

4. Communicate With the Movers

Besides labeling the boxes for your convenience, you also want to let your movers know when to handle them carefully. For example, boxes full of dishes or picture frames shouldn’t have anything stacked on top of them. These boxes should be labeled “Fragile” in red; you may also want to include “This Side Up.” Let your movers know how to interpret your organization code as well—you can leave signs in each of the rooms at the new place.


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