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3 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Your Will June 26, 2019

Mountain Home, Baxter
3 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Your Will, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Death is not a topic that parents want to discuss with their kids. However, after writing a final will and testament, it’s important that your children are made aware of how the estate will be handled after you pass. This can prevent family feuds and ensure your beneficiaries are aware of what is to come. Here are a few estate planning tips that can help ease the stress of this difficult conversation.

How to Speak With Your Kids About Estate Planning

1. Plan Early

estate planningDon’t wait to talk to your children about your will. Having someone else deliver this news after your death could result in more pain for your loved ones, which is especially difficult during the grieving period. Having a discussion early on will also make them feel more included in the process.

2. Talk to Them One-on-One First

If you have several children, it’s best to arrange individual meetings before talking to all of them at once. First, it allows you to give each child your undivided attention. They can also voice their opinions and concerns without having to worry about insulting or hurting their other siblings. If you don’t plan to divide your assets equally, this will also give you a chance to properly explain your motivations.

3. Be Transparent

Don’t hide anything from your children. Remember that this will all be revealed to them after your passing, so it’s best to prepare them ahead of time for what to expect. Your children may keep their inheritance in mind while making future plans, so as a parent, it’s crucial to be fair and honest.


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