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3 Mistakes Made When Taking Prescription Medication June 28, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
3 Mistakes Made When Taking Prescription Medication, Northwest Travis, Texas

It’s important for older adults to follow their doctor’s orders closely when it comes to when and how to take their medication for their own senior care. However, it’s not unusual for a person to occasionally lose track of their dosages or schedules—or to not treat the rules as rigidly as they should. The following guide explains some of the oversights that are commonly made and the negative consequences they may have.

Common Medication Mistakes People Make

1. Splitting Pills

Although some pills are safe to split in half, that doesn’t apply to all of them. Always look at the insert included with the medication to determine if it’s been approved for splitting by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or ask your health care provider. Suitable tablets also feature score marks down the center. If it lacks this information, cutting it could not only reduce its efficacy but, in some cases, break the time-release on the tablet, causing you to receive a higher concentration of the medicine. 

senior care2. Stopping Early

You might be inclined to stop taking the medication once you start feeling better. However, the bacteria causing the sickness may not be completely gone—and might return more ferociously. If your senior care doctor prescribes a seven-day course, complete it—not only to make sure you are well but to avoid developing resistance to the medication.

3. Combining Drugs

Certain drugs may interact with one another and cause a reaction. Prescription products for hypertension, for example, may not combine appropriately with standard cold medication. Therefore, make sure to tell your senior care health provider everything you are taking and to ask what is safe or not safe to consume with your prescription in the future.


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