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3 Popular Bathtub Styles to Consider for a Bathroom Remodeling Project June 19, 2019

3 Popular Bathtub Styles to Consider for a Bathroom Remodeling Project, ,

From flooring to natural lighting, there are many considerations to make during a bathroom remodeling project. However, no decision may be as crucial as the type of bathtub you have installed. Often the focal point of the room, tubs have a heavy influence on both the style and functionality of the space. As you explore your options, here are a few popular styles to consider.

Types of Bathtubs to Install During a Bathroom Remodel

1. Alcove

Often recognized as the most traditional option, alcove tubs are surrounded by three walls at the furthest edge of the bathroom. Many prefer alcove models as they can easily be integrated to accommodate a shower-tub combination. As options that are lower to the ground and easily accessible, these bathtubs are also ideal for those concerned about safety, such as those with seniors or children in the home. If you have the extra square footage, add a tiled edge around the tub to provide extra storage space.  

2. Free-Standing

bathroom remodelingIf you want your bathroom remodeling project to produce a timeless elegance, a free-standing tub is a top choice to consider. These solutions are not confined to the flooring or the walls, allowing you to save on square footage and achieve an open aesthetic in the bathroom. They are also raised by a pedestal slipper or claw-footed base. Apart from providing a truly refined presentation, these tubs can often help make your home more attractive to potential buyers, increasing the resale value.

3. Corner

Placed in the corner of the bathroom, this type of tub only requires two walls for secure placement. Homeowners often prefer this option when they’re looking for a bathtub that is not only sizeable but also uses space wisely. For example, corner tubs are ideal for those looking for a hot-tub style bathing experience that’s crafted for relaxation. Due to its placement, this option can also capitalize on natural lighting that’s offered from windows on both sides of the room.


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