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How Massages Help With Anxiety June 26, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
How Massages Help With Anxiety, Manhattan, New York

There are over 40 million adults experiencing anxiety disorders in the U.S., which includes 14% of all men. With the problem affecting such a significant number of individuals, it's not a surprise that many men are looking for ways to reduce their symptoms naturally. Of the options available, getting a men's massage has become one of the top contenders by offering a range of helpful benefits. Here's a closer look at how the treatment helps.

3 Ways a Men's Massage Can Benefit Those With Anxiety

1. Reduced Stress

Known as the stress hormone, cortisol is a chemical the body naturally produces as a defense mechanism. While it's useful in dangerous situations, too much of the chemical floating around in your system can lead to anxiety. Luckily, deep-tissue massage has shown to cause a significant drop in cortisol in as little as 45 minutes. Along with stress reduction, the lower hormone level also boosts the body's immune response.

2. Improved Mood

men's massageOn the opposite end of the spectrum from cortisol are dopamine and serotonin. Essentially serving as feel-good chemicals, these two elements help boost and stabilize mood. Such benefits help combat the side effects of anxiety, and thankfully, massage therapy has shown to increase the levels of both chemicals.

3. Decreased Blood Pressure

When anxiety levels rise, a person's blood pressure follows suit. Even if such episodes only occur for a few minutes at a time, it can cause long-term effects on the rest of the body, such as heart damage. Fortunately, getting a men's massage may combat the problem. A study performed on individuals with prehypertension — the stage before diagnosed high-blood pressure — showed Swedish massage to be effective at reducing and maintaining blood pressure.


If you're ready to reap the benefits of a men's massage, turn to New Paradise Men's Spa in New York City. Located in Manhattan, the spa has created a men's oasis designed for relaxation and self-care. They offer a wide range of spa treatments, including facials, waxing, and manicures. Visit the business online to learn more about their selection of massages, including hot stone, and book your appointment today at (646) 559-1621.

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