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How to Broach the Topic of a Privacy Fence With Neighbors June 26, 2019

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How to Broach the Topic of a Privacy Fence With Neighbors, Newark, Ohio

Regardless of how well you know the next door neighbors, it’s best to alert them of your plans to install a privacy fence. As they could see the installation from their homes or hear the noise while work is underway, giving advanced notice could prevent animosity. To ensure the conversation is as informative and positive as possible, follow the below advice.   

How to Discuss a Privacy Fence Installation With Neighbors

1. Talk About Property Boundaries

To prevent legal disputes, schedule a property line survey before you install a privacy fence. This way, you won’t unknowingly encroach on land that’s not yours. When you talk to neighbors, show them the results of the survey and put down visual markers to show where your land begins. They will take comfort in knowing you took steps to respect their boundaries.  

2. Reassure Them HOA Rules Will Be Followed

Newark-Ohio-privacy-fenceAlthough many privacy fence styles can make your property stand out, they might not fit in with the surrounding architecture. To prevent eyesores in the neighborhood, your homeowners’ association should have guidelines regarding the fence material, style, and color.

There are also rules regarding fence height for front and backyards. Make sure you choose an option that matches these requirements and let neighbors know you will abide by the rules. If possible, show them drafts of the design, including the expected dimensions. 

3. Mention the Construction Schedule

Depending on the scope of the project, it could take a few hours or longer to complete a fence installation. Work could be noisy, so let neighbors know the date and time the privacy fence will be erected. If people work from home or put kids down for naps at that time, for example, they will have advanced notice to make arrangements to minimize disruptions to their routines.


For a privacy fence installation to add to the curb appeal and value of your property and comfort of your household, contact the technicians at A & B Fence in Newark, OH. The company is known throughout Licking County for its wide selection of vinyl, chain-link, aluminum, and wood fencing materials by top-tier manufacturers. The technicians have also been the go-to source for fence repairs to improve the stability of clients’ investments since 1969. To ask questions and schedule a consultation, call (740) 344-7943. You can also visit the fence contractors online to request an appointment and become a Facebook follower for maintenance advice.

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