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Top Pet Care Tips for Cat Claws June 25, 2019

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Top Pet Care Tips for Cat Claws, Columbus, Nebraska

As a cat owner, you have a different set of responsibilities to care for your furry friend than other pet owners do. Properly maintaining and treating your cat’s claws requires patience, insight, and thoroughness. The following guide offers some effective pet care tips to help you keep your cat healthy and comfortable. 

How to Care for a Cat’s Claws 


Part of healthy cat behavior involves the self-sharpening of the claws. This encourages shedding of the keratin sheath, which leads to healthy paws. Every cat has different preferences for the types of surfaces they enjoy scratching, so you may need to do a bit of trial and error to find posts or toys your cat likes.

Some of the most popular materials offered at pet stores include wooden or cardboard planks or posts as well as rope balls. Once you know which material your pet prefers, always keep one in the house. Pick up a back-up option in case your cat gets to rough with it. 


pet careAlthough your cat will sharpen their claws themselves, part of your pet care responsibilities involve staying on top of trimming them down. If the nail gets too long, the pads of the paws can get irritated and possibly even infected. 

The key to successfully trimming their nails is too take it slow and be thorough. Don’t make any quick movements, especially when actually trimming the nail; if you do, you might accidentally end up cutting the quick, which is very sensitive. Start by taking your cat's paw in your hand and gently massaging it until the claw comes out. Once they’ve settled down, carefully cut only the white part of the nail. After each nail, give your cat a treat to keep them calm and comfortable. 


If you need advice on how to handle your cat’s claws, the team at Pet Care Specialists in Columbus, NE, is here to help. These veterinarians have over 20 years of experience helping locals and their furry friends, and they will guide you through every step of the ownership experience. Visit their website for more information on their pet care services, and call (402) 564-3565 to schedule an appointment today. 

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