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4 Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Kitchen Remodeling Project June 25, 2019

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4 Ways to Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Kitchen Remodeling Project, Goshen, New York

Feng shui, which has roots in ancient China, is the art of arranging everyday objects to facilitate maximum health and wellness in your life. The principles of this philosophy work well within the kitchen, which is considered the heart of a home. As a result, feng shui is often used as a guide for those who are working on a kitchen remodeling project. 

How to Include Feng Shui in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

1. Place Your Stove in the South of the Kitchen

There are five feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Fittingly enough, the stove is considered a fire element and should be placed accordingly. Because fire is the preferred element of the south bagua area, it’s suggested that you place the stove in the south or southwest of your kitchen. 

2. Make Sure The Stove Is By a Wall

kitchen remodelingAvoid placing your stove within a middle island, as this goes against the tenets of feng shui. For the Qi, or vital energy, to remain robust, the stove must always be by a wall. This is because this appliance is considered the primary element of the kitchen. As a result, it should have firm backing.

3. Keep Opposing Elements Separated

Once you have the placement of your stove decided, make sure the sinks and washing machines have their own dedicated spaces in your kitchen. Placing disparate elements, such as fire and water, right next to each other disrupts balance and breaks up the healthy flow of the kitchen. 

4. Choose Colors Wisely

If your kitchen feels like a hectic place, select soothing colors for walls and accents, such as blues, yellows, and earthy hues that evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. If you’re remodeling a smaller space, focus on lighter colors to make the space feel larger. 


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