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3 Essential Pieces of Scenery for Your Model Railroad July 17, 2019

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3 Essential Pieces of Scenery for Your Model Railroad, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Landscape plays a key role in making your model railroad look realistic. There are essential pieces of model scenery you’ll want to add to an existing or new layout. They’re versatile and offer seemingly endless design potential. Below, you’ll find options to truly bring your model railroad to life and will inspire you while you continue to build.

Must-Have Model Scenery Pieces

1. Trees & Terrain

The best place to start is with the terrain and plant life. Decide the environment for the railroad. Is it a deciduous forest? Snow-dressed mountain? Arid desert? You’ll want to add the right style of grass and groundcover to the bare terrain. You can then populate it with a variety of trees to add texture and realism. Try different options for hills, lowlands, and metropolitan areas. Explore nature books for inspiration and accuracy.

2. Water Features

A pond, large lake, or winding river can be the centerpiece of a model railroad and a fun obstacle to work tracks over or around. When you begin a layout, decide first where you’d like the water feature to be. You can then shape the landscape around it. Try a mixture, or even intricate layouts like an estuary, to create a truly unique landscape.

3. Infrastructure Details

model sceneryOnce the terrain is in place, add the brushstrokes that bring it to life. Add buildings, fences, bridges, and tunnels to gives your layout personality. It’s fun to construct stories about the townspeople that you can use as a design basis, and you’ll find there’s always room for expansion.


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