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3 Types of Decorative Lighting June 27, 2019

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
3 Types of Decorative Lighting , Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Decorative lighting is that which does not provide primary light for reading or work, but that highlights certain features of a room and adds layers to existing illumination. Sometimes called the “fourth layer” of interior light by designers, adding decorative fixtures can upgrade the look of any room.

A Guide to Decorative Lighting

1. Pendants

lightingPendant or mini-pendant lights are usually crafted with a decorative style and add visual interest or draw interest to a ceiling or small focal area. It’s perfect over a desk, kitchen island, or billiard table. This type of lighting is often crafted with glass and can be elegant, modern, natural, or vintage in appearance. 

2. Chandeliers

A large chandelier will certainly add lighting to any room, but these ceiling centerpieces are made to be noticed as decor items on their own. Whether traditional crystal pendants, rustic designs formed of antlers and “candles,” or a modern, tiered circular fixture, a chandelier makes a statement in an entry hall, over a dining table, or as a decorative element for a living room.

3. Sconces

Wall sconces add diffused light to an area such as a stairway, vanity bar, or any small area in the home. Sconces may also be added to the exterior of the house as decorative porch lights. This type of decorative lighting lends itself well to vintage styles but can be modern too. It’s a wonderful way to add warmth to a specific area of the home, highlight artwork, or emphasize a decorative wall.


Decorative lighting is used to add illumination and visual appeal—like “jewelry” for your home. Wiseway Design Showroom offers complete residential and commercial lighting solutions; they’re locally owned in three Kentucky locations. Peruse their showrooms in Lexington, Georgetown, or Frankfort for home lighting fixtures. Call (859) 259-0466 for questions about commercial installations or visit their website to learn more about their offerings. 

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