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Can I Still Live in My Home During Fire Damage Restoration? June 27, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
Can I Still Live in My Home During Fire Damage Restoration?, Brooklyn, New York

After an accident, fire damage restoration will replace and repair burned home structures, remove soot, and eliminate the smell of smoke. During this period, you may be eager to move back into your home. However, work will disturb potentially harmful traces left by the flames. Understanding some of the consequences of smoke, soot, and burning odor can help you keep your family safe. Here’s a guide to why it’s best to live someplace else as your home is cleaned up by professionals.  

What Are the Hazardous Results of a Fire?

Comprised of minuscule black particles, soot is a by-product of combustion. It contains carbon and traces of chemicals burned during the event. Since these fine particles are no more than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, they permeate porous surfaces of upholstery and wood and become airborne quickly when disturbed, making them difficult to clean.

fire damage restorationIndoor air quality after a fire will also be poor because of smoke odors and the toxic fumes from burned chemicals and synthetic materials like plastics. Stale indoor air increases the likelihood that embers trapped in the nooks and crannies of your home will flare up and spark another accident, even days later.

A fire will often compromise the structural integrity of a building. It can sometimes cause enough damage to weaken walls and other supporting structures, particularly ones made from wood and composite materials. This creates an unsafe environment, leaving your home at risk for sudden collapses and cave-ins.

Why Should I Live Elsewhere During Restorations?

Since its particles are so small, soot can easily be inhaled and penetrate the lungs. After a fire, it can contain chemicals like sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, toluene, manganese, and other heavy metals that are corrosive and detrimental to your health. With prolonged exposure, it can lead to respiratory problems, heart disease, and even lung cancer. It can also irritate the eyes and skin, or lead to shortness of breath due to carbon monoxide levels.

These particles will be disturbed during fire damage restoration, rising into the air. Workers are equipped with industry-approved safety equipment to avoid breathing in soot, but your home won’t be safe for your family at this time. To stay safe, find alternate living arrangements until your technician clears the property.


For the best fire damage restoration, count on the professionals at Strictly Restoration of Brooklyn, NY. Serving the Greater New York area, they have provided outstanding disaster recovery and cleaning services since 2009. They provide excellent customer service and go above and beyond for their clients. Learn more about how they can help after a fire on their website or call (718) 404-6811 for a free estimate.

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