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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Belt to Match Your Suit July 24, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
A Quick Guide to Choosing a Belt to Match Your Suit, Jacksonville East, Florida

A belt serves a bigger purpose than simply holding your pants up. It’s one of the most important men’s accessories and can make or break an ensemble. If you don’t dress up often, then you may not be up to date on the latest rules of fashion. Fortunately, the rules for choosing the right belt to wear with your suit are easy to follow. Here are some tips to help simplify this decision. 

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Belt

1. Match Your Shoe Color

This is the most basic rule for creating a cohesive outfit. This means black belts with black shoes and brown belts and brown shoes. Since your shoes will be more visible, they serve as the focal point and will guide other choices for men’s accessories. If the shoes are a difficult color to match, such as a two-toned style or trendy accent hue, make sure your belt matches the soles instead. You can also coordinate the belt with the primary color of a two-toned shoe. 

2. Match Leather Textures

Men's AccessoriesThe texture of your shoes can determine how casual or formal the suit is, and the same rule applies to your belt. Smooth matte leather can help make a look more formal and contemporary, while a pebbled or suede finish provides a more casual touch. Even if the shoe and belt colors match, the look won’t work with mismatching textures across men’s accessories.

3. Match Other Metal Accessories

Your belt buckle might seem like a minor detail, but it should be treated as another accessory. Not only does the color of the metal need to work with any buckles on the shoes, but it should also match any other metal pieces, such as cuff links or a tie tack. When wearing a suit, the belt buckle should be simple, and visually unobtrusive. Look for a simple frame and single-tongue closure that works across casual and formal settings. 


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