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The Top 5 Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Is Going Out July 8, 2019

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
The Top 5 Signs Your Commercial Air Conditioning Unit Is Going Out, Maryland Heights, Missouri

As the weather gets warmer, the need for fully functioning air conditioning units in your company or business becomes more prevalent. The change in the seasons and rise in temperatures put pressure and strain on the units, occasionally leading to breakdowns. The following signs indicate that your commercial air conditioning unit is going out and needs to be replaced.

How to Determine If You Need A New Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

1. High Power Bills

Unusually high power bills could be a sign that your unit is not working properly. It could also indicate that the unit is working harder than it should be to try to keep the building cool. Hiring a professional HVAC contractor to inspect the unit would be the best option to make sure the repairs are conducted promptly.

2. Decrease in Output

Another sign to look for is if your commercial air conditioning unit isn’t keeping the area cool. Indicators that the air conditioning unit is not functioning properly include warm air coming out of the vents instead of cool air and a weaker airflow. This could be related to multiple problems and concerns that should be addressed by a professional to determine the area of concern.

3. Loud Sounds Coming From the Unit

When an air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, it makes noises while it is running. They can range from screeching to banging sounds, which can be distracting for employees. The noises can be related to a series of problems that should be addressed by professionals.

4. Unusual Odors From the Unit

If you start to notice unusual odors coming from your air conditioner, contact a professional as soon as possible. Pay attention for smells of burning metal, mildew, and mold. These unpleasant smells could be an indication of a leak that should be fixed immediately.

5. Condensation on the Unit

Some condensation and moisture on the air conditioning unit are normal, but if an increase of moisture is observed, seek assistance. The abundance of moisture is an indicator of a possible problem. If your drains for HVAC units lead through the walls to the bottom of the building, damage can be done to the ceiling and drywall. It is best to address this problem quickly to prevent water damage.


If you notice any of the above signs, contact our HVAC contractors at Lindbergh Commercial Services, located in Maryland Heights, MO. We offer a variety of services related to issues with heating and air conditioning units. We have over a decade of experience and strive to ensure that local businesses and companies have a professional service they can count on for all HVAC support. Contact us by calling (314) 731-0404 or by visiting our website.