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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage July 10, 2019

Geneseo, Livingston
4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage, Geneseo, New York

Fuel-efficient vehicles save you money on gas while reducing your carbon footprint. If you notice that you have to refill your tank constantly, there are several ways you can help your car or truck get better mileage per gallon. In addition to regular oil changes and auto repairs, here’s how you can improve your automobile’s fuel efficiency. 

4 Tips for Maximizing Fuel Efficiency 

1. Change Filters

Swapping out the air filter takes the stress off your HVAC system, which means it needs less fuel and power to operate. Additionally, change your fuel filter once it becomes clogged with dirt and debris—usually every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

2. Use Fuel Additives 

oil changeFuel additives increase engine performance and promote better gas mileage. In particular, look for products that contain polybutene amine, which removes deposits from intake valves, fuel injectors, and carburetors. Additionally, upgrade to synthetic motor oil, which burns cleaner and more evenly. 

3. Check Your Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires cause your vehicle to work harder to accelerate and puts stress on your engine, which wastes fuel. Use a gauge to check your tire pressure once per month, and compare it against the recommended PSI in your owner’s manual. Add more air as necessary. 

4. Watch How You Drive

The way you drive affects fuel consumption. Driving defensively keeps you safe on the roads, but it also helps you save gas. Try to drive at a slow and steady pace. Avoid accelerating quickly or slamming on the brakes, as these actions cause the engine to use more fuel. 


Keep your vehicle fuel efficient, functional, and high performing with regular oil changes and auto services from M & R Automotive Service Center. For over 20 years, they have provided auto parts, repairs, and towing to clients throughout Geneseo, NY. Call (585) 243-1201 to get a quote on oil changes, new tires, or engine repairs. Visit them online to learn more about 24-hour services. 

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