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4 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Home June 25, 2019

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4 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Home, Hamptonburgh, New York

Homeowners often install fences to increase the privacy and security of their property. With many types and materials to choose from, you can find a unit that matches the architectural style of your home and boosts its visual appeal. If you’re still undecided about installing a fence, understanding some of its benefits can help you make a decision. Here are some of the reasons why people often have these structures. 

Why Should You Install a Fence in Your Yard?

1. Block Your Pool

Considered an “attractive nuisance,” under the law, a pool can draw neighborhood children to your lawn. If anyone gets hurt in your pool, you will be liable even if you didn’t give them permission to enter it. By installing a fence around your yard, not only are you keeping the little ones in your community safe, but you may also decrease your home insurance premiums. 

2. Increase Privacy

Privacy fences block your home from view. This is useful when you have close neighbors or live in a busy area. With a fence, you can enjoy your backyard however you want without worrying about strangers seeing you. Wooden structures may even reduce some of the noise you hear from passing cars and neighbors when you’re in your yard. 

fence3. Train Your Dog

If you have a pet, you may be concerned about leaving them outdoors alone, since they could run off. By installing a fence around your yard, you can let them roam free without worrying about their safety. Whether they need to relieve themselves or just bask in the sun, you may let them do as they wish without constant supervision.

4. Boost Home Value

Additional security features are often attractive to prospective buyers, so installing a fence may increase your curb appeal. Adding it yourself means the buyer won’t have to worry about installing it later, allowing you to ask for a higher price. If you’re part of a homeowners association, don’t forget to ask about any installation restrictions or limitations.


Homeowners throughout the Hudson Valley region of New York trust American Fence Company to provide them with high-quality fence installations. These fully licensed and insured professionals offer a variety of materials and products, including privacy and pool fences, as well as products made from chain-link, aluminum, and vinyl. Visit this family-owned company online to learn more about their work, or call (845) 427-5894 to request a free estimate.

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