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Why Businesses Should Use Their Trucks for Advertising August 1, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Why Businesses Should Use Their Trucks for Advertising, Lincoln, Nebraska

Finding ways to attract more customers is a priority when you own or manage a business. If you own semi-trucks to move products across the country, you can easily use truck paint or decals as an inexpensive way to get your brand and message further out there. The guide below looks at the effectiveness of this strategy as well as tips for maximizing its impact.

What Are the Advantages of Semi-Truck Advertising?

While many companies invest in physical advertising, vehicle wraps generate approximately 2.5 times more impressions than billboards—approximately 100 per mile. Of these, you are also likely to get the attention of a wider range of individuals—spanning different ages and income levels. Contrary to some concerns, people also tend to absorb a lot of the information on these trucks, with almost 30% saying that they would buy something based on one. This is especially likely with time-sensitive advertisements. For example, a person might already be thinking about their need for air conditioning maintenance come summer. If your truck promises a good deal on those services, they are likely to call.

Tips for Standing Out

truck paintSince you will be advertising on a moving vehicle, the best way to utilize truck paint and decals is to be concise. Only use logos and pieces of information that are essential—such as your services and phone-number. Make sure to use a large, legible font, and that the most vital text is the largest. A bright graphic can also draw attention and help emphasize what it is you are offering. Cover all angles—both sides and the back of the semi-truck.

For truck paint and decal installation in Lincoln, NE, trust Stephenson Truck Repair. This family-owned and -operated truck service also performs repairs to make sure every heavy duty rig or RV in their care is in top shape. Over 18 years, they have developed a great reputation within the community with their impressive customer service. Visit them online to learn more about their offerings. Or call (402) 466-8532 to make an appointment for truck paint for your fleet today.

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