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Guide to Building Lakes & Ponds July 11, 2019

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Guide to Building Lakes & Ponds, Ashland, Missouri

A pond or a lake is a beautiful feature. Whether you will use it to water your livestock or create a gorgeous natural place to enjoy your acreage, there are some important considerations to ensure you do it properly. Here’s what you need to think about for a successful water feature and why you should work with an experienced pond construction professional.

What Should You Consider Before a Lake or Pond Construction?

You’ll begin by deciding what type of pond you want. You’ll need to adjust your location, size, and other factors based on its purpose. For example, a pond for watering livestock will have different environmental requirements than a pond for raising fish. You will need to determine whether the soil is compatible for holding water; a clay-like soil is best. If your excavating contractor finds that the ground isn’t compatible, such as a sandy or rocky soil, you’ll need to truck in some clay.

pond constructionDrainage is a major factor, as well. Rainfall and watershed—the drainage from the rest of your property—will fill up your pond. You will need to study the area, determine how much water you expect to get through drainage, and size your pond accordingly. Other factors, such as building codes, research permits, and insurance, all require consideration.

Why Should You Work With a Professional?

Lake or pond construction isn’t as simple as digging a hole and filling it with water. An experienced professional will understand every consideration that needs to be made. These site work contractors can do the extensive research and planning that is required before they even begin excavating. It’s a major change to your landscape, so it needs to be done properly. The cost of a professional will save you money and a lot of trouble in the long term.


With the right team on your side, building the perfect pond or lake becomes simple. C. L. Richardson Construction has been providing top-notch lake and pond construction throughout Ashland, MO, for more than 65 years. Their licensed contractors use the latest industry techniques and find the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. Contact them online or at (573) 657-9557 to discuss your project.  

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