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Why Wheat Is Such a Valuable Crop June 25, 2019

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Why Wheat Is Such a Valuable Crop, Beatrice, Nebraska

Some people colloquially call the approach of bad weather a “French Toast Alert.” This is because stores run low on eggs, milk, and bread during these incidences—as families stock up on supplies as insurance against the storm. So even though America’s largest exports tend to be corn and soybeans, bread—and the “amber waves of grain” it comes from—is still considered among our most vital commodities. The guide below looks at some facts you might not have known about this vital foodstuff.

Why Is Growing Wheat So Important?

1. It’s Hearty 

Wheat is both hardy and hearty, which explains why it became popular among mankind’s first farmers and has remained an agricultural staple ever since. Wheat can grow in relatively harsh climates and has high nutritional value. In fact, it’s second only to rice when ranking the most important sources of calories for humans

2. It’s Lucrative

America’s wheat industry is part of a much larger global market. Because of this, U.S. wheat can be purchased by virtually anyone around the world. And the wheat that stays right here at home provides all kinds of jobs when it comes time to process it. In other words, the local, national, and global economies would be threatened without wheat. 

insurance3. It’s Versatile

Wheat’s not just for consumption anymore. Researchers have found a way to create an alternative fuel using wheat straw. Called bioethanol, it’s still in the early stages, but its development has proven promising. 


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