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3 Bats Commonly Found in Ohio June 25, 2019

Milford, Miami
3 Bats Commonly Found in Ohio, Miami, Ohio

If you’ve heard scratching or odd night-time activity in your attic, you likely already know you need bat removal. However, homeowners may want to know which type of bat they’re dealing with to help them feel at ease as they wait for help to arrive. Below are a few local breeds that might make their way into your house and require bat removal.

3 Ohio-Dwelling Bats

1. Big Brown Bat

The Big Brown Bat is one of the most common in the state. It’s most likely to infiltrate your home and demand a bat removal expert in the winter months when it takes to hibernating between the walls or in attics. It has a reddish-brown to dark-brown coat. When fully stretched out, its wings span up to 13 inches.

2. Little Brown Bat

bat removalThis smaller version of the Big Brown Bat shares the same coloring. However, it has a wingspan of only ten inches; additionally, the bigger animals have a “puffy” look to the nose that these smaller ones lack. Colonies can inhabit a hot attic or cabin, making prompt bat removal a must. 

3. Eastern Red Bat

Sporting a 12-inch wingspan, this animal is identifiable by the white markings on the shoulders. Although they prefer foliage, they may sometimes accidentally enter a home through an open window. This is a solitary creature, so if you see one in your home, don’t stress: It’s very likely alone and doesn’t mean there’s a bat infestation in your attic. 


Colonies and bat infestations pose many risks and issues. Let Batman Enterprises of Mason, OH, take care of the problem efficiently and effectively. With over 20 years of experience and 24/7 service, these pest control professionals are the Greater Cincinnati area’s trusted go-to experts for bat removal. To schedule an appointment, call (513) 600-3079, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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