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What Everyone Should Know About Auto Rust June 25, 2019

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What Everyone Should Know About Auto Rust, Texarkana, Texas

Car rust typically starts as a cosmetic problem, but it can morph into a safety issue without attention from the local auto body shop. Painted vehicle surfaces are among the most vulnerable, as scratched paint exposes the metal underneath to air and water. Also known as oxidation, rust spreads even faster when salt exposure is high. Here is a guide to what you need to know about auto rust to better protect your vehicle and yourself.

4 Facts to Know About Car Rust

1. It Can Happen Anywhere

Auto rust may be most visible on the surface of your vehicle after the paint gets scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged; however, it can occur anywhere on the car. Undercarriages sprayed with rainwater, melting snow, and road salt start to rust without the right maintenance, resulting in frame and chassis problems.

2. It Is a Safety Hazard  

auto body shopWhile rusted car hoods, doors, and trunks are unsightly, corroded frames and chassis are safety hazards. Rust eats away at metal, making it weak and prone to breakage. A rusted frame and chassis subsequently compromise the safety of any vehicle because it is no longer structurally secure.

3. It Must Be Dealt With Quickly 

The second you notice a patch of rust on your vehicle, take it to your local auto body shop for paint and dent repair. Rust is easy to contain if it is treated early; sanding, buffing, and painting will all prevent it from spreading. Auto paint and wax will protect the metal from oxidation to keep your vehicle looking like new, which is crucial if you wish to sell it in the future.

4. It Can Be Avoided With Auto Painting & Body Work

Along with periodically inspecting your vehicle for rust, keep it looking its best and staying structurally safe with help from your local auto body shop. Routine painting and waxing services create a barrier between the air and your vehicle to prevent serious corrosion. Get the undercarriage checked as well to prevent rust from spreading throughout the frame and chassis.


Schedule auto painting and other body work with Kemp Bro’s Body Shop to maintain your vehicle’s look and function. The auto body shop in Texarkana, TX, specializes in car painting and collision repairs, including full rebuilds. Call the customer-centered, family-owned auto body shop in business since 1971 today at (903) 794-9776 to make an appointment, or visit the website for more information about paint services. Get additional car maintenance tips on Facebook.

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