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A Guide to Knee Pain July 18, 2019

Montvale, Bergen County
A Guide to Knee Pain, Montvale, New Jersey

Knee pain decreases mobility and makes everyday tasks highly uncomfortable and challenging. The first step to understanding your pain is to identify the underlying condition. From there, you and your doctor can determine an effective treatment. Below is a guide that highlights what causes knee pain and what treatments are available to alleviate pain. 

Understanding Knee Pain

What Causes Knee Pain?

There are many reasons for this type of pain to arise. Pain in the knee is often accompanied by swelling and stiffness. This can result from an injury, such as a torn ACL. Tendinitis is another common issue associated with knee problems, in which tendons become irritated after repetitive motion. Pain can also result from osteoarthritis, a rupture in the cartilage, or bursitis. A person’s weight can sometimes be a factor in knee discomfort as well. 

When Should I See a Doctor?

Schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately if the pain started with an injury to the knee. Swelling and redness in the area where the injury took place usually indicate the need for urgent medical care. You should also seek a doctor’s opinion if the pain seems to suddenly worsen or affects your ability to perform daily activities. 

Can Knee Pain Be Prevented?

knee painIf you lead an active lifestyle, make sure you’re stretching properly before and after activities. Footwear is also important, as the right shoes can take a bit of stress off your knees. This is especially essential for runners, who must have supportive footwear. Purchase insoles to provide an extra cushion to the foot’s arch and avoid wearing heels to prevent further strain. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is highly recommended. 

What Treatments Are Available?

There are quite a few therapeutic options available to treat knee issues. Physical therapy is beneficial for building muscle strength, which stabilizes the knee. Your doctor may also recommend injection therapy. This involves injecting a lubricating solution into the joints, which provides added cushioning. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended. 



Montvale Health Sport + Spine uses a three-phase protocol to treat knee pain. First, injection therapy is used to reduce pain and swelling. Next, a physical therapist will help you build the muscles and structures surrounding the knee. Finally, the fluid within the knee joints is replenished to boost natural cushioning. Learn more about all the conditions treated by visiting them online. Call (201) 391-8282 to schedule an appointment in the Upper Bergen County, NJ, office.