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3 Signs You Might Need A Root Canal July 23, 2019

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3 Signs You Might Need A Root Canal, Dunkirk, New York

Root canal therapy is an effective way to preserve a tooth that has experienced decay. During this treatment, a dentist will remove the infected pulp to alleviate your pain, then fill the area to prevent bacteria from entering it. There are some symptoms that typically point to a need for this procedure. Understanding these will ensure you know when to visit a dental clinic for assistance. To help you keep your pearly whites healthy, here are some signs you may need a root canal.

Reasons You Might Require a Root Canal

1. Constant Pain

When a tooth hurts, it could be a sign that bacteria infiltrated it, creating swelling that presses against the nerves and creates discomfort. Teeth that require root canals often ache continuously, or are painful enough to make it difficult to eat, talk, or sleep. To eliminate your pain, a dentist will remove the nerves in the affected area and seal it.

2. Changes in Tooth Color

dentistSince teeth have a blood supply, they can bleed internally when they’re infected by bacteria. This can result in a change in color. If you notice discoloration in a single or a few teeth, you may have nerve damage that warrants a root canal.

3. Dental Sensitivity 

Sometimes, teeth that have become damaged due to decay or trauma can be slightly inflamed, making them sensitive to hot or cold beverages and food. If you experience sensitivity when you drink or eat items like soup, icy water, coffee, or ice cream, visit a dentist. With an x-ray, they can spot underlying decay and determine whether a root canal would help. 


If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, visit the dentist at North Chautauqua Dental PC in Dunkirk, NY. They’ve served the suburbs of New York since 1980. With a commitment to excellence in dentistry and customer service, this trusted practice offers everything from routine dental checkups to implants and root canals. Learn more about their office on their website or call (716) 366-6822 to schedule an appointment.

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