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EXIT Realty Capital City, an office of EXIT Realty Upper Midwest, in Urbandale, Iowa is on the fast track to success. With real estate leadership opportunities available, EXIT Realty Capital City is excited to offer a career in real estate to those who are passionate and willing to work hard.

How to Use EXIT Realty's Sponsorship Program to Meet Your Retirement Goals July 4, 2019

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How to Use EXIT Realty's Sponsorship Program to Meet Your Retirement Goals, Urbandale, Iowa

When you pursue a career in real estate, you’ll be working your way to financial freedom. But it takes more than salesmanship to reach a comfortable retirement. You’ll need a well-planned strategy to handle unexpected costs and take care of your family, which the team at EXIT Realty can provide. Their lucrative sponsorship program gives you a way to accumulate residual income and build up a nest egg for your future. Here’s what you need to know.

Why It’s Important to Save for Retirement Now

While many people put off saving for their retirement, it’s a mistake to delay. A retirement savings account will help you build the wealth you’ll need later in life, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of in the event of an unexpected injury, illness, or death. Barring these circumstances, your health will fade with age. There’s no way to know when cognitive decline or physical degeneration will force you to seek long-term care. Having a retirement account to draw from will help you cover these expenses. 

How Does the EXIT Realty Sponsorship Program Help?

real estateAs a real estate agent working for EXIT Realty, you can use their sponsorship program to help you earn residual income. It works by providing you a bonus on each sale made by an EXIT agent that you sponsored and helped recruit into the company. When they make a sale, you receive a 10% bonus on the gross commission earned by that individual. The bonus is paid by the EXIT Realty head office, so you won’t be taking earnings from the sponsored individual. As an example, sponsoring 10 people, each making a minimum of $100,000 annually, will earn you $1 million within a decade.

When you retire, or if you take a break from working as a real estate agent, your bonuses will be converted into retirement residuals. In this case, you’ll still be earning 7% on the gross commissions earned by the sales professionals you sponsored.

Even after you have passed, your loved ones will still receive earnings. Your beneficiaries will earn a 5% bonus on each sale made by your sponsored agents until those agents retire or stop working for EXIT Realty. This helps you make sure your loved ones will be cared for long after you have passed away.


Exit Realty Upper Midwest offers a supportive and fun atmosphere for new real estate agents to grow into successful professionals. Best of all, their sponsorship program will give you the means to build a passive income stream that will benefit you and your family for years to come. They have locations throughout the country, including in Chicago, IL; Cedar Falls, IA; Sioux Falls, ND; and Minneapolis, MN. To learn more about the opportunities available at EXIT Realty, call their office at (651) 505-3570 and visit their website to view their training and mentoring programs.

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