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3 Home Heating Maintenance Tips for Summer July 16, 2019

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3 Home Heating Maintenance Tips for Summer, Ledyard, Connecticut

Now that summer has arrived, your furnace can take a well-deserved break for the next few months. However, just because you aren’t using this home heating system, it doesn’t mean you should neglect routine maintenance. Proper care will ensure your heating system runs at peak performance once winter is here. Below are just a few of the home heating maintenance steps you should take during the offseason.

3 Summer Tips for Heating Maintenance

1. Clean Your Furnace

Even though your furnace isn’t in use during the summer months, it’s still good practice to keep it clean. Accumulated dust on top of the unit is a potential fire hazard, and it can also create a burning odor once it’s time to turn the furnace back on. You can use a vacuum to clean the ductwork and vents.  

2. Replace the Filters

home-heating-systemYour HVAC system’s filters are responsible for trapping airborne dust and debris to prevent them from entering the system. Excessive dust can cause the heating system to work less efficiently and eventually lead to a breakdown. Check the filters at least once every six weeks during the summer and replace as necessary.  

3. Schedule an Offseason Tuneup

It can be difficult to schedule an appointment with a technician during the winter since other homeowners are trying to do the same thing. For peace of mind, schedule your furnace tuneup during the summer. This will give you enough time to have all the internal components inspected and clean, and it will ensure your home heating system is running optimally once it’s time to turn it back on. 



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