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Do's & Don'ts of Matching Blinds With Drapes June 28, 2019

Do's & Don'ts of Matching Blinds With Drapes, Kauai County, Hawaii

Why choose blinds or drapes when you can have both? Combining these window treatments gives you all the functionality of blinds but with a softer, more elegant aesthetic. When you're planning to combine these two window dressings, follow these tips.


Choose your blinds first.

Drapes are versatile in design while your selection of blinds is more limited. Picking the blinds first means you won't have to worry about them being too wide and hitting the drapes. It also makes it easier to match the patterns and colors.

Use layers.

BlindsYou aren't limited to just one set of drapes per window. Layer solid and sheer fabric, or create an attractive color combination that takes the rest of the room's decor into account. Not only will this create a more developed look, but it also means you have options for more or less coverage when it's time to close the curtains.


Use patterns everywhere.

Combining patterns is an advanced interior design technique that's easy to get wrong. Even if all your colors match, the wrong size or density of print can make your curtains and blinds clash. Instead, opt for patterns on just one layer and use solid matching colors for the rest.

Be restricted to the window.

Treatments that fit the dimensions of the window exactly can make it look small and confined. Visually expand the feature by extending the curtains past the window on either side, as high as the ceiling above, and as low as the floor below. If you have Roman blinds, you can install them above the window so when they're open, they stack above the glass instead of taking up window space.


For help designing curtains and blinds to suit your home, choose Window Trends. Based in Kalaheo, HI, and serving the island of Kauai, the award-winning supply and installation company offers a varied selection of window treatment options with a special focus on attractive modern designs. To schedule a free on-site consultation, call (808) 332-9844 or send a message online.

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