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How to Maintain a Clean Office Lobby July 10, 2019

New York, New York
How to Maintain a Clean Office Lobby, New York, New York

As the main entry point for your office, the lobby will be the first impression clients and employees get of your business. For this reason, this area must be kept as clean as possible to give off a professional appearance. While a janitorial service will take care of your office cleaning needs, there are some steps you can take regularly to maintain a squeaky clean appearance at all hours. To help you keep your workplace spotless, here are some tips for cleaning it up in between commercial cleaning sessions. 

3 Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Lobby Flawless

1. Defend Against Dust

Dust causes several adverse effects on employees and customers. While it can take some time to become visible, you must clean surfaces daily to prevent build-up. In addition to wiping down counters and tables, be sure to tidy up smaller areas where dust can collect, such as magazine stands and lamp shades.

To minimize dust, remove unnecessary clutter from the room, including decor pieces. Having fewer items in the lobby will not only present a cleaner look, but also give dust fewer places to hide. 

2. Use Heavy-Duty Entrance Mats

office cleaningWhen people enter the space, they will carry along whatever the outdoors has left on their shoes, including dirt, allergens, and grease. If you want to keep these elements out of your lobby, invest in high-quality mats to trap contaminants on shoes. After stepping on the mat at the entrance, your visitors will be able to walk on your floors without marking them up.

3. Monitor High-Traffic Areas

There are spots in a lobby where people will always walk over, including the front of the main desk, the entry, or near the bathroom. These areas are more likely to accumulate dirt and other debris that can leave the room looking dirty. If you spot a blemish, sweep or wipe it up before it becomes an eyesore. To reduce office cleaning demands, you might also consider investing in flooring that is resistant to moisture and staining, including laminate and tile.


When you want to keep your lobby and other office areas looking sharp, turn to the experts at Dust Free Corp. Serving the New York City area, these office cleaning specialists will provide ongoing janitorial services to ensure your business maintains a clean and vibrant appearance. Using high-quality products, they will keep everything from floors to windows pristine. Visit them online to learn more about their services or call (646) 467-0566 to schedule an appointment.

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