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What Is Managed Wi-Fi & Why Does Your Business Need It? June 25, 2019

New York, New York
What Is Managed Wi-Fi & Why Does Your Business Need It?, New York, New York

Whether your employees are working from tablets, smartphones, or laptops, chances are they connect to the Internet wirelessly. But when you have a lot of devices attempting to connect with a single router, users can get kicked off or experience slower-than-usual speeds. Fortunately, if you invest in managed Wi-Fi from a trusted Internet service provider you can prevent problems like these and maintain a strong connection throughout your workplace. 

What Is Managed Wi-Fi?

When a router is the only access point—such as in your home—your Wi-Fi is considered unmanaged. By contrast, managed systems consist of many components that help supply wireless Internet throughout a property to many different users. In addition to routers, these systems may include Wireless Access Points, switch, wireless controllers, and structured cabling.

Essentially, these components work together to keep devices connected to the Internet, while working to ensure they are synced with the most convenient and appropriate access point for their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi?

Reliable Connection

Wi-FiFor end users, the biggest benefit of managed Wi-Fi is the ability to easily connect to the Internet without fear of getting kicked off or experiencing sluggish speeds. These systems automatically connect users to access points to keep the flow of data moving at a steady pace and prevent others from experiencing issues.

Simplified Supervision

Given that managed networks involve more components than an unmanaged system, you may think there are many opportunities for connections to fail. However, managed Wi-Fi networks typically come with advanced support from your Internet service provider. Through automated monitoring, these providers can detect and resolve issues without having to take time away from your IT services. Some may also provide automatic updates to help you identify where problems are surfacing, allowing your IT team to save time fixing the problem.


Managed Wi-Fi networks are designed to be entirely scalable. As your company grows, you won’t have to worry about stressing out the existing system. If needed, new components—such as access points—can be integrated into the network without interrupting the existing infrastructure.


When you’re ready to experience the ways managed Wi-Fi will streamline your office communications, turn to Challenger Broadband. As a leading Internet service provider in New York City and the Tri-State area, this team of specialists can develop and implement networks that are optimized for organizations of all sizes. In addition to providing reliable connections and speeds, this service can offer many other cost-effective solutions to support your business operations—including VoIP, Fiber Internet, and event Wi-Fi. To learn more about these capabilities, visit this telecommunications company online or call a friendly associate at (646) 723-9999.

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