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4 Tips for Buying the Right Mobile Home Insurance Policy July 2, 2019

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4 Tips for Buying the Right Mobile Home Insurance Policy, Licking, Missouri

Modern mobile homes may be virtually identical to traditional houses, but there are important differences that could increase the chances of serious damage if disaster strikes. Fortunately, a mobile home insurance policy protects against the threats these unique structures face, including wind damage, frozen pipes, and damage incurred during transportation. Below are some tips for getting the coverage you need without paying more than you have to.

A Guide for Purchasing Mobile Home Insurance

1. Ask About Transportation Coverage

If you’re purchasing the mobile home new, ask your agent whether the policy covers damage that might occur on the road. Your policy should also protect you against liability claims that may arise from workers or construction activity impacting a neighbor’s land.

2. Check for Extra Coverage

mobile home insuranceDue to the nature of the buildings, many mobile home insurance policies include coverage that the standard homeowners policy doesn’t. For instance, you may get a better deal on a plan that offers coverage for earthquake damage, wild animal activity, and sewer backups.

3. Pay Attention to the Value of the Policy

Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes tend to depreciate rather than gain value over time, so a policy based on the fair market value may not provide enough coverage to fully recover from a disaster. In most cases, a plan based on the replacement value of the mobile home will usually be a better investment.

4. Shop Around for Rates

Each insurance company uses proprietary formulas when calculating rates, so premiums can vary a deal from one carrier to the next. Although price is an important consideration, other qualities like excellent customer service and extensive coverage options add a lot of value to a policy.


Since 1904, Texas County Mutual Insurance of Licking, MO, has helped Missouri farmers and homeowners protect their most valuable assets from the unexpected. As a mutual insurance company, they’re owned by their policyholders, so you can trust that they’ll always act in your best interests. To get in touch and request your free mobile home insurance quote, call (573) 674-3125. To learn more about their services, visit their website.

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