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Why Are Fish Used in Aquaponics? June 21, 2019

Mccully - Moiliili, Honolulu
Why Are Fish Used in Aquaponics?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aquaponics is an economical, environmentally friendly way of growing your own fresh produce. Surprisingly, fish are a key component in this type of growing system. People who are interested in building their own system may wonder what role fish play in the cultivation process.

Fish in Aquaponic Systems

How Does It Work?

Aquaponics promotes growth through a low-waste recycling system that relies primarily on water. As a closed system, it uses less water than standard farming techniques. Plants are placed in a bed above an aquaponic tank that’s populated by fish. The roots of these plants hang out of holes in the bottom of the bed to reach nutrients in the tank below.

Why Are Fish Important?

aquaponicsFish provide a natural fertilizer for aquaponic plants. When fish produce waste and respire ammonia into the water, it attracts good bacteria, like nitrosomonas. This bacteria converts ammonia into nitrite, which is then turned into nitrate. The plants absorb these nutrients from their outstretched roots. Fish eliminate the need for commercial fertilizer, keeping your cultivation clean.

What Are the Benefits of Aquaponics?

These systems can be introduced just about anywhere in- or outside of your home, and depending on your space, you can scale them as large or small as you need. An aquaponic system recycles water, so the only reason you would need to add more is to make up for condensation. Maintenance is minimal as the only labor includes harvesting the plants and feeding and caring for the fish.

Since the system doesn’t require soil, you won’t have to weed or chase away pests and critters. Additionally, aquaponics is eco-friendly since there isn’t a need for pesticides or herbicides, which can produce toxic runoff. With this modern garden, you can go green while growing yourself low-cost meals.


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