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3 Tips to Ensure an Easy Move With Your Kids July 1, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Tips to Ensure an Easy Move With Your Kids, Rochester, New York

Moving is inherently stressful. From packing and heavy lifting to the emotional aspect of coping with relocation, moving is a physically and mentally taxing ordeal. And that’s without factoring kids into the equation. Fortunately, with a little preplanning, you can avoid many of these issues before they arise. Before you start loading up boxes, read over these simple tips to help ease the process of moving with your kids.

3 Moving Tips for Families With Kids

1. Tell Them as Soon as Possible

Whether your move is last-minute or planned months in advance, it’s important to take this time to prepare yourself and your kids. Tell them as early on as possible so they can adjust to the idea. While a move may not be as emotionally impactful for a toddler, school-age children may be leaving friends behind if your move is a significant distance away. Listen to their concerns and answer their questions. The more emotionally prepared they are for the move, the easier it will be when the time comes. 

2. Get Them Involved

MovingKids like to be part of things, so find ways they can help during the move. Older children can be quite helpful when it comes to packing and moving small boxes, whereas younger children may enjoy packing up their toys and clothes. If your children are too young to help, keep them busy with activities that help them feel included, such as customizing their boxes with crayons or stickers. Being included in the moving process helps children feel like they’re a part of the experience, which plays a large role in how they cope with the move. 

3. Ease Their Adjustment

If you’re moving someplace close, the impact of the move will be minimal. Still, you can show them the new house and highlight reasons to be excited such as a park that’s close to the house or a backyard the perfect size for a swing set. If your new home will be farther away, talk to your kids about their new home and show them pictures. When you arrive, take some time away from unpacking to show them around. Find the playground, have a movie and pizza night amongst the unpacked boxes, or show them some of the local attractions. 


Make moving with your kids even easier with the help of professionals. Caccamise Moving is Rochester, NY’s premier moving specialist. For over 25 years this family-owned business has been helping families as they move into their new homes. No matter how large or how fragile your items are, you can relax knowing they’re in good hands. Visit their website to learn why these moving experts are Rochester’s favorite moving company or call them today to get a free quote at (585) 643-5119. 

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