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5 Safety Tips for Driving at Dusk & Dawn July 9, 2019

Beechwood, Rochester
5 Safety Tips for Driving at Dusk & Dawn, Rochester, New York

Dusk and dawn, even during clear perfect weather, can be tricky to navigate on the road. Early evening and early morning come with difficult visibility because of the position of the sun, including limited sight lines and eye-level glares. Below are a few tips from driving school professionals on how to stay safe.

How to Drive Safely at Sunrise & Sunset

1. Watch for People & Animals

Because of the way the sun shines at these times of the day, visibility can be impaired. While watching for pedestrians, bike riders, and animals should always be part of your driving, it is even more critical at dawn and dusk. Be diligent when traveling in residential areas or country roads with very little light.

2. Use Your Headlights

Headlights not only illuminate the road ahead of you, but they also make your car more noticeable to other vehicles and pedestrians. The extra light will also help you see any shadows caused by the setting or rising sun.

3. Keep a Clean Windshield

You should always have a clean windshield no matter what time of day you are on the road, but it is even more critical during dusk and dawn. The clearer the glass, the easier it will be to see people or items in the road.

4. Remain Alert

driving schoolOne of the first lessons you learn in driving school is never to drive when you are tired. Unfortunately, dusk usually comes at the end of a long work day and dawn is quite early, meaning you may be less alert. If you must drive at sunrise or sunset, pull over if you notice any signs of exhaustion.

5. Use the Sun Visor

Your sun visors help block out intense rays of light. While it may seem dark at dusk and dawn, the sun is still quite powerful and often positioned right at your eye level. Make sure visors are down so that any surprising bursts of light don’t blind you as you drive.


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