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Lease Anywhere: Renting a Home With Pets The Right Way August 13, 2015

Downtown Houston, Houston
Lease Anywhere: Renting a Home With Pets The Right Way, Houston, Texas

It is said that people with pets are happier, healthier and live longer. While this might be true, many pet-owners find it hard to find rental homes that allow them to bring along their furry/feathered/scaled friends.

According to Lease Anywhere, even if rental homes and apartments in Houston actually allow pets, they may have specific regulations about the size and breeds of animals they'll allow. While many landlords will permit fish, frogs and turtles without batting an eye, they are more likely to say no to your furry pets.

The good news is: there are many pet-friendly apartments that offer more generous accommodations, and simply learning a few “tried and true” strategies of your own, will set you on your way to finding your dream rental.

The key is to look for rentals specifically advertised as pet-friendly, and show up prepared to demonstrate that both you and your pet are sure bets. For rentals that aren’t advertised as pet friendly, be prepared to negotiate with landlords.

Lease Anywhere, leading real estate agency based in Houston, Texas, put together a list of the top 3 important things you need to know about renting with pets.


While searching for a pet-friendly apartment is the easiest way to go, some landlords are fairly lenient and are willing to negotiate on their policy. Address the landlord’s concerns about pets with empathy and explain how you plan to prevent common pet-related issues, such as: damage to property, infestations, like fleas and ticks, and behavioral disturbances, including incessant howling. Ultimately, you want to portray your pet in the best light as another tenant in the unit.


Ease the mind of your landlord with references. Landlords want to know in advance that a prospective renter is a good risk, and the same thing goes for his or her pet. Showing up with a reference letter or two from your current landlord or neighbor may help inspire confidence.


Landlords often hedge their bets by charging extra in security deposit to residents with pets. Others may tack on an extra amount onto the monthly rent. The landlord holds these extra fees in reserve to help defray the costs of any damages your pet may cause.

Likewise, these fees can be applied to any extra cleaning your apartment needs after you move out. The good news is pet deposits are typically refundable, so if your pet is a model tenant, you can get your money back after you move out. If a landlord is on the fence about accepting you and your pet as a package deal, offering a pet deposit may tip negotiations in your favor.

Lease Anywhere real estate agents are experts at helping you identify the best apartments and homes for rent in Houston. They know what is available in the Houston real estate market and also work with you to make your listing attract the best possible apartment finders and rental home seekers.

To find out more about listing your property or finding your next rental home, visit Lease Anywhere online or call 713-224-6604.

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