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A Brief Guide to Summer Tire Care July 8, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
A Brief Guide to Summer Tire Care, Chillicothe, Ohio

Summer is vacation season, which means it’s critical to make sure your tires are prepared to handle more frequent drives, higher temperatures, and occasionally unpredictable driving conditions. Heat can have a significant impact on tire condition, and without taking the proper precautionary measures, you could put your safety at risk. Here’s how to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive this season.

How to Care for Your Tires in the Summer

1. Inflate Them Properly

tiresMake sure your tires aren’t over or underinflated. Too much air reduces traction and leads to premature wear and tear. By contrast, underinflation increases friction with the road, which can lead to overheated tires, blowouts, and premature wear. Always inflate them only to the pressure recommended by your car’s manufacturer, which should be listed on the driver’s side doorjamb.

2. Check the Pressure

It’s normal for tires to lose about one to two pounds per square inch (psi) each month. When temperatures rise by at least 10 degrees, it’s likely the psi will also increase, as the air inside the tires expands. Only check the tires when you haven’t driven the car for several hours, and if there’s too much air in them, don’t try to release it yourself; instead, have an auto repair specialist check it for you.

3. Watch the Roads

Although potholes generally develop most aggressively during the freeze-thaw cycles of the winter, the repair work often doesn’t begin in earnest until the weather warms up. That’s when contractors can apply long-lasting hot asphalt mixes instead of temporary cold patches to fix the roads. Keep a close watch while you’re traveling to avoid driving over potholes that have yet to be fixed. They can lead to tire punctures, premature wear, and damage to the suspension.


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