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3 Types of Cracks That Require Immediate Repairs July 8, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
3 Types of Cracks That Require Immediate Repairs, Chesterfield, Missouri

Your home’s foundation is critical to its structural integrity. Without a strong and stable foundation, you could experience a broad range of issues, eventually resulting in leaks and crumbling or collapsing walls. Fortunately, there’s typically ample warning, and addressing the issue promptly can prevent hazards. Here are a few types of issues that require immediate home foundation crack repairs

3 Foundation Cracks to Address Immediately 

1. Diagonal 

Diagonal cracks are caused by differential settlement where one portion of the home settles more quickly than others, causing the foundation to move in different directions. This can cause severe tension and structural damage. Sometimes called “hairline cracks,” these are most often found on homes built on a hill or in areas prone to excessive rain or drought, which can cause the soil conditions to change abruptly.

2. Vertical 

cracked concrete repairsVertical cracks are the most common, especially in new construction homes. Fortunately, they’re also the least severe. These typically occur because concrete shrinks when it is cured. The foundation then settles, resulting in cracks. Although they are not as much of a threat as some other fractures, they should still be sealed to prevent further damage. Typically, a home foundation crack repair professional will seal these with a urethane or epoxy to prevent the crack from expanding.

3. Horizontal 

Horizontal foundation cracks are generally the most worrisome. They indicate severe structural damage, which is an urgent safety hazard, and are most common in homes with concrete block or brick foundations. Soil pressure and hydrostatic pressure can cause the walls to bow inward, producing these kinds of cracks. Impact damage from heavy equipment, frost heave, or excessive backfilling can also be to blame. Addressing the issue immediately is crucial to preserve your home’s structural integrity. A home foundation crack repair contractor will likely need to reinforce the wall to prevent the damage from getting worse. 


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