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3 Interesting Facts About Termites June 26, 2019

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3 Interesting Facts About Termites, Wahiawa, Hawaii

When most people think of termites, they picture small insects gnawing on a piece of wood. While this is a correct generality, there’s much more to know about the pests, especially if you need to take termite control actions. Understanding the interesting way these creatures function will make eliminating them from your property easier.

What You May Not Know About Termites

1. They Never Sleep

Some species are diurnal, meaning they sleep at night and operate during the day. Others are nocturnal and sleep during the day and eat and work at night. Termites fall into neither of these categories because they don’t sleep, working nonstop to build their colony.

2. They Live in a Male & Female Society

termite controlLike bees, ants, and other social insects, termites live in structured caste systems. However, unlike these other pests, termites don’t live in a female-dominated society. Instead, their population is roughly comprised of half males and half females, and they have a king and queen, who both reproduce. Termite control needs to be administered during the first seven to 10 years, which is the peak egg-laying time. If this window is missed, secondary queens will start laying eggs, growing the colony at a faster rate.

3. A Single Colony Can Last Decades

During spring, swarmers, which are new king and queen termites, will take flight from their hibernation spot to find a mate and start a colony of their own. The offspring they produce will live for only a year or two at most, but these matriarchs will last 10 to 20 years. If termite control measures aren’t taken early, subterranean colonies that are allowed to mature can easily contain over 60,000 worker termites and occupy several interconnected nesting sites.


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