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How to Prepare for a Long Car Trip July 11, 2019

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How to Prepare for a Long Car Trip, Big Bend, Wisconsin

A long road trip can be an exciting and freeing experience. Since you’ll be driving for a prolonged period, there are some steps you should take to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the journey. From knowing local roadside assistance services to packing the right snacks, these preparations will ensure the drive goes safely and smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the ride.

3 Tips to Prep for a Long Car Trip

1. Schedule a Tune-Up

roadside assistanceLike a routine physical at your doctor’s office, a tune-up will detect potential problems before they develop into serious issues. This will help you prevent breakdowns on the road. During this inspection, technicians will check that your car’s wheels and frame are properly aligned to improve maneuverability, rotate your tires to prevent blowouts, and look for signs of battery damage that could result in a malfunction.

2. Prepare Your Body for the Trip

Driving for a prolonged period can take a toll on your body. To prepare for the journey, pack a case of water bottles to stay hydrated, which will help ward off fatigue and headaches to keep you alert. You might also get hungry, so keep protein bars close to you. Avoid sugary snacks and soda, as these often come with a crash that can make you tired. You might also want to create an energizing playlist to make the trip more fun. 

3. Find a Roadside Assistance Company

Towing companies provide roadside assistance to get you back on track if you experience a flat tire or another unexpected event. They have different service areas, so a company you know might not serve the location you’re traveling to. To ensure you’re covered, research businesses that serve the states you’re crossing and include them in your contact list. This way, even if you have no phone data, you can get help promptly.


If you’re preparing for a long drive, it pays to have the experts at AM Towing looking out for you. Whether you need towing or jump-starts in the Big Bend, WI, area, they will provide 24/7 help. They also offer load shifting, flatbed service, and replacement parts to keep drivers safe on the road. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, or call (262) 662-9770 for roadside assistance. 

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